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Hazardous Removals

Tree Removals

Sarasota Tree Service, Inc is fully qualified, experienced, and equipped to remove any tree, big or small. With over 39 years of experience in the business, we have encountered every type of removal. While saving trees is what our company prides itself upon, there are many circumstances in which removal is necessary. New construction, structural damage risks, pre-storm prevention, post storm uprooting or breaks, disease, vulnerability to insects and pests are some of the most common reasons for removal.

Regardless of the reason, the removal of a tree can be a tricky and tedious process that should only be handled by professionals with proper equipment. If done incorrectly or carelessly, a simple removal can turn into a major headache. Sarasota Tree Service, Inc. will cover all aspects of a removal before we start. When necessary, we will check for utility lines, irrigation piping, and etc. Our employees are trained to value caution over speed — this is very important as we pride ourselves in leaving your property and its surrounding areas damage-free.

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